Nebraska State Quilt Guild

Nebraska State Quilt Guild

"The purpose of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild shall be to gather together those individuals who share the common bond of a love for the quilter's art. This bond being one not exclusive to the makers of quilts, but inclusive of those who find interest and worth in the collection and preservation of our fiber arts and heritage. Nor shall there be an exclusion of contemporary work for truly, this is the formation of history and heirlooms for future generations."

- Article II of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild By-Laws
"Nebraska Prairie Wedding"
NSQG 2019 Raffle Quilt


See Us on Facebook
Whether or not you attended QuiltNebraska 2018, you're sure to enjoy some of the terrific pictures of the event we have on our Facebook page.

Raffle Quilt
One of the highlights every year is the raffle quilt drawing.  This year's winner is Rita Weber of Kearney. Congratulations, Rita!
"Nebraska’s Bright Stars" - 2018 Raffle Quilt

See You Next Year?
As QuiltNebraska 2018 wrapped up, the early plans for 2019 were announced. Check out the QuiltNebraska website for more details.
You will find more information about options for room reservations here, on the QuiltNebraska website.

REMINDER:  If you gave us a check for dorm room reservations, we have NOT lost it.  We are holding them until after November 1st to deposit.  You should see them come through during the month of November.

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Quilting Events

Be sure to check our Quilting Events page for a list of quilt shows and other related events scheduled throughout the state or surrounding areas. If you are an organizer of a quilting event, here's how you can add your event to the list.