Nebraska State Quilt Guild

Nebraska State Quilt Guild

"The purpose of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild shall be to gather together those individuals who share the common bond of a love for the quilter's art. This bond being one not exclusive to the makers of quilts, but inclusive of those who find interest and worth in the collection and preservation of our fiber arts and heritage. Nor shall there be an exclusion of contemporary work for truly, this is the formation of history and heirlooms for future generations."

- Article II of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild By-Laws
"Nebraska Prairie Wedding"
NSQG 2019 Raffle Quilt


NSQG was one of the sponsors of the 10th annual National Quilting Day held Saturday, March 16 at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. Take a few minutes to look through photos of the event that some of the co-sponsors have posted on their Facebook pages.

Nebraska State Quilt Guild Facebook page
Lincoln Quilters Guild Facebook page
International Quilt Study Center & Museum Facebook page

The 2019 National Quilting Day Committee
Left to right: Jaynee Wolff (Lincoln Lincoln Quilters Guild), Sheila Green (chair), Dean Young (International Quilt Study Center & Museum), Sheila Beins (Nebraska Nebraska State Quilt Guild), Lynn DeShon (Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild). Not pictured Cheryl Kupcinski (Quilts of Valor). — at International Quilt Study Center & Museum.

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Lincoln Quilters Guild Scholarship

The Lincoln Quilters Guild offers a scholarship for a quilt-related research project not to exceed a total of $1,000 to an individual who meets the following qualifications:
1. A person engaged in studies in the area of textile history or textile conservation at the University of Nebraska, or
2. A person engaged in the study of quilting outside the academic community.
Click on the link below for complete information about the scholarship, application requirements and the application form to be completed and submitted.

Quilting Events

Be sure to check our Quilting Events page for a list of quilt shows and other related events scheduled throughout the state or surrounding areas. If you are an organizer of a quilting event, here's how you can add your event to the list.