Nebraska Prairie Wedding

The 2019 Raffle Quilt was unveiled at QuiltNebraska 2018.  Here is the story, as presented by NSQG President Elect, LeeAnn Meduna:

"When I was asked to be President Elect, the first thing I thought of was the raffle quilt.  I have admired all of the raffle quilts through the years and was a little intimidated by the prospect.  I am a traditional quilter for the most part. I appreciate all the art quilts and modern quilts but my heart lies with traditional quilts.  

"The first pattern I thought of was by one of my favorite designers, Edyta Sitar.  I called her and she graciously granted me permission to use it for this quilt.  OK, step one done.  

"Now on to choosing fabric.  My trusty quilty friends and I were on a shop hop so they helped me choose fabric.  Step 2 done.  

"As this pattern called for appliqué, not my strong suit, (OK needle turn isn’t even in my deck!) I asked someone who is a wonderful appliquer, Linda Winter.  She started on it right away.  Step 3 done.  

"I was thinking about how difficult it is to have several people piece and then try to put it together, so I did the piecing and it was fun!  Step 4 done.  

"I have long admired Kris Vierra’s quilting so choosing her to quilt, it was easy.  Step 5 done.  

"So next was finding a quilt mom.  Sandy Dahlgren said yes (thankfully!) Step 6 is done.  

"So step 7 now needs to be done, selling raffle tickets.  This is a lot like sending your firstborn to kindergarten, will he do well, will others like him, isn’t he cute! (Well I thought so!), how does he look, is his hair all in place?

"So now with a deep breath…….. I give you….Nebraska Prairie Wedding."

If you have an event where you would like to have the raffle quilt, please contact Sandy Dahlgren, 308-991-6243 or by email at

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