Do you know someone who has never attended a QuiltNE? Or is it you?  The QuiltNE Scholarship(s) will be awarded to this year’s convention, QuiltNE 2018, July 26-29, 2018 at Omaha Hotel RL, 3321 S 72nd St,  Omaha, NE.  

QuiltNE Scholarship Guidelines would include:
1) The QuiltNE2018 Scholarship is available to those 18 years and older.
2) You may not have attended a QuiltNE Convention prior to 2018.
3) Your name can be submitted by yourself or another. (If you nominate another, please be a QuiltNE ‘mentor’ to that individual.)
4) A brief write up of the nominee, including their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address along with your name, telephone number and e-mail address to be received by March 16, 2018 by the Scholarship Chair Sandra K Kosch.
5) The winner(s) will be selected at the March 24, 2018 NSQG Board Meeting.
6) The QuiltNE2018 Scholarship covers ½ the tuition of classes and meals at the QuiltNE Convention. The recipient will provide the remaining balance due.  The QuiltNE 2018 Scholarship does not cover the lodging or Quilt History Day.

We would love to see you at QuiltNE 2018.  Apply today.

Nominations should be sent to Sandra K. Kosch, 355 S. Walnut St, Shelby, NE 68662