Scheduled Dates for NSQG Board Meetings in 2022

The January board meeting has been cancelled due to covid.

March 12, 2022   
Calico Cottage,  Hastings, NE 
Noon lunch, 1pm Board meeting 

June 4, 2022  
The Quilt Basket, York, NE 
Noon lunch, 1pm Board meeting

 July 24 , 2022   
Sunday, Annual General Meeting at Quilt Nebraska, Kearney,   8:30 am 

October , 2022      
Threads, Kearney, NE 
Noon lunch, 1pm Board meeting 

As a courtesy, any member of NSQG wishing to attend a board meeting is requested to notify the President to insure a large enough meeting room has been reserved.

Board Meeting Minutes

Older minutes may be requested by contacting the Secretary.

2022 NSQG Board of Directors

Nancy Peters

President Elect 
Dee Acklie

Leslie Martin

Susan Brown

Region I Directors 
Linda Riesberg (year 2)
Ann Freese (year 1)

Region II Directors 
Judy Mischke (year 2)
Karen Nollett (year 1)

Region III Directors 
Arlene Shoemaker (year 2)
Rita Weber (year 1)

Jill Vanderboegh

Committee Descriptions

Audit/Finance - Formulate budget in conjunction with committee chairs for approval by Board. Committee includes President, Treasurer and three additional members. NSQG Treasurer’s books will be subject to a compilation at the completion of each two-year term of office with the additional ability for the Board to request an audit of the books at any time it desires.

Awards - Publish award nomination forms and gather nominations. Form a nine member committee (three from each region) to select award recipients. Order all awards, medals and certificates. Write winners’ synopses and present awards at Annual Meeting. Present certificates to outgoing officers and thimble charm to outgoing President at January Board meeting The newest Hall of Fame Award winner will hold and display the Hall of Fame plaque for one year period, after which time it shall be returned to NSQG. Award nominee does not have to be a member of NSQG or a resident of Nebraska. “The Friendship Star” created to be given during the QNE Award banquet for the current year’s chairman without prior nomination.

By-Laws and Policies - The By-Laws Polices Chairperson is the keeper of the official records pertaining to the governance of the Nebraska State Quilt Guild. All additions and changes shall be directed to the chairperson who will keep the official copy, always updated.

Education - Oversee and coordinate any educational activities aimed toward teaching the public about quilt making.

Historian - Historian will record NSQG events with labeled photos, newspaper clippings and a complete set of all published newsletters in an ongoing scrapbook. Safely store this and previous scrapbooks. Maintain an electronic format of these scrapbooks for posterity.

IQSC/ Friends of IQSC - A liaison between the NSQG Board and IQSC.

Library Project - Choose, order and distribute book(s) in the budgeted amount to every Nebraska Library Commission accredited library in Nebraska.

Marketing - Order merchandise approved by the Board. Keep records of merchandise on hand. Sell merchandise at NSQG functions, forwarding monies collected to the Treasurer.

Membership - Maintains the NSQG membership database and is responsible for the collection of dues. Prepares the information for the Membership Roster Book. Office to begin October 1st.

Newsletter - The purpose of the Newsletter Committee is to determine an agenda of communication and education goals to be expressed from the board to the members of NSQG: function in an editorial capacity by reviewing and evaluating articles included in the newsletter, as well as provide guidance for article placements and assist in soliciting advertising as needed. An electronic newsletter, via a website link, is offered to those members who request such a delivery formant. Members will be notified of the link via e-mail when the newsletter is available for viewing. The Newsletter Committee provides oversight to the Editor, a paid position, a contract negotiated annually with the NSQG Board. NSQG Advisor, President-Elect, Secretary, Membership Chair, Editor and one at-large member make up this committee.

Nominating - See By- Laws.

Publicity - Shall include but is not limited to the current President and appointed Publicity Chair, as well as current member of a) QuiltNebraska Committee, b) Threads Across Nebraska, c) Membership Committee and d) NSQG Website Committee. Publicity Committee will help publicize NSQG and its sponsored events maintaining contacts in the following areas: newspaper, radio, TV, guilds, list services, website and other appropriate venues. Each event committee will handle publicity as well as coordinate efforts with the Publicity Committee.

QuiltNebraska - Coordinate arrangements for the Annual Meeting and QuiltNebraska, which shall be the last full weekend in July. Responsibilities include finding sub-chairs for QN treasurer, teachers, merchant's mall, quilt show, registration, printing, food, favors, housing, etc.

Raffle Tickets - Oversee ticket sales, photography, travel, and promotion of the annual raffle quilt.

Site Selection - Shall be appointed by the President. Commmittee members will include all District Directors. An additional committee member shall be appointed by the Chair from the NSQG membership-at-large. They will function on the committee on a revolving basis, depending on the area in Nebraska being selected. They will handle initial contacts, arrangements and contracts for QuiltNebraska. QuiltNebraska sites will be selected approved and contracted three (3) years in advance.

State Fair - NSQG Liaison Committee Chair will coordinate information and activity between the NSQG Board and Nebraska State Fair Quilt Superintendent. And will provide timely articles to the NSQG newsletter informing members about the upcoming fair. Also carry out or appoint someone to complete the following: 1) make NSF labels for all quilts entered, 2) photograph all winning entries in open class Quilt Department with a photo CD or other suitable digital format to be given to the Newsletter Editor and NSQG Historian, 3) deliver NSQG Ribbons for the three (3) NSQG sponsored classes prior to quilt judging and ribbon placement 4) Resource names of perspective persons to assume leadership roles within the Quilt Department of NSF, act as a resource for the NSF Quilt Superintendent and committee chairs as needed and 6) request a summary report from the NSF Quilt Superintendent.

Threads Across Nebraska - Chairman will organize and coordinate efforts to promote quilting. Also is responsible for recruiting quilts for display, venders and educational speakers. This is a NSQG fund raiser.

Website - Maintains the NSQG website located at to promote the guild and distribute information to our members. Committee made up of the volunteer Webmaster, the President, the President-Elect and the Advisor.

NSQG Committee Chairpersons 

Mary Olson

By-laws and Policies
Sandi Griepenstroh

Education  & Publicity
Sheila Green

Mary Olson

Jan Sears 

Sandy Hanson

Chris Frazer

Newsletter Editor
Chris Frazer

QuiltNebraska 2022
Kelly Thomalla
Mary Arthur

QuiltNebraska 2023
Leslie Martin
Denise Waibel-Rycek
Rita Weber

QuiltNebraska Site Selection
Mary Olson

Raffle Ticket Sales
Carol Woerlen

State Fair Liaison
Jan Sittler
Terri Uden

Threads Across Nebraska
LeAnne Killion

Chris Wiegers