NSQG Education Ideas

The Mission Statement of the NSQG states that it was “established to perpetuate the art of quilt making and its heritage while encouraging future opportunities through growth, education, inspiration and fellowship.”
Below are some “thought starters” for implementing educational opportunities in your community. I’ve broken it down by target ages. This list is in no way complete. I encourage you to contact me with your ideas. I will include them here as we all learn from each other. I would also like to know your education needs so that I can provide you with resources.

Sheila Green
NSQG Education Chair


(402) 483-0453

Educational Resources

  • Email Sheila Green, NSQG Education Chair for additional information about the above suggestions at sheilagreen@windstream.net
  • Discover Nebraska information website www.DiscoverNebraska.org
  • Sheila will provide classroom materials and training on request.
  • University of Nebraska “Care Of Quilts” NebGuide. This would be an excellent handout for a quilt show or community event!
  • Education Display Boards (made by Jan Stehlik, used at Threads Across Nebraska) can be used at your quilt show or guild activity.


  • Show your quilts to neighbor children or grandchildren. Talk about what they mean to you.
  • Teach children to sew and quilt. Young boys especially, love to sew. *Encourage local quilt shops to offer classes for children.
  • Take a child to a quilt show, museum or exhibit.
  • Become involved doing Discover Nebraska presentations in the fourth grade classrooms in your community. Contact me for the resources, including training opportunities. Learn more at the Lincoln Quilt Guild Discover Nebraska website www.DiscoverNebraska.org
  • Display children’s quilts at your guild’s quilt show. Encourage youth to enter in County and State Fairs.
  • Encourage your guild to sponsor a Youth Quilt Award at your County Fair.
  • Provide Children’s Activities at your quilt show. Contact me for specific activities that have been previously used.
  • Offer reduced priced Guild membership dues for youth.
  • Become familiar with “Quilt Quest” and encourage its use by local 4-H groups.


  • Offer to teach a friend to learn to sew and quilt when they admire your work.
  • Encourage your guild and local quilt shops to offer beginning quilting classes. *Share new techniques and sewing gadgets as a guild program. You could have several tables set up (each with a different technique) and members would rotate around the tables.
  • Your guild could host a “quilt evaluation day.” Encourage the public to share their old quilts before they toss them. Worn quilts can still have a use. They could be donated to a group doing Discover Nebraska presentations. Many people have inherited quilts and would like to know more about them.
  • Sponsor parent/child quilt workshops.
  • Support quilt making though your attendance at quilt shows, quilt exhibitions at museums and the International Quilt Study Center.
  • Encourage local businesses to hang quilts for the public to view.
  • Organize a quilt show at a Senior Center, assisted living facility or nursing home.
  • Provide your members and the public with information on how to care for quilts with information found in the University of Nebraska’s NebGuide “Care of Quilts”. Distribute copies at your quilt show and other functions.